The Janion

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10 inches x 15 inches

Wandering to the edge of Chinatown, one clear cold February afternoon, I came upon this building; it was framed against the blue sky, and bathed by the winter sun.   I stood for several minutes, admiring this regal building with its name proudly chiseled into the marble.   With tall grecian columns, rusting fixtures, peeling plaster, crumbling lath work, stained boarded up windows, and fading marble pediments, the Janion stands guard at the out edge of the Victoria Harbour. However, the stately dignity and grace was not obscured by the brown, red, green and black of time and weather.  This onetime railroad hotel warehouse, assayerÕs office, and bottling plant has stood empty and derelict for over 30. On that day she appeared to be patiently waiting....glowing with determination.

A few months after I stumbled upon her, I read that she has escaped the wrecking ball and was to be restored and repurposed into apartments.  She found someone who also saw her potential; the Janion will find her way back into glory and into to hearts of people again, this time as a home.

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