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Our favorite campground in Harrison Hot Springs was a beautiful parklike spot pressed up against the craggy bluffs.  One late summer afternoon, after setting up our camp, we went for a walk.  Suddenly, heralded by it's loud trumpet like squawk, a large, peacock suddenly glided onto the path before us.  With his head held high, he unfurled his brilliant tail.  And, ever so slowly and deliberately he turned full circle, proudly displaying his tail.   With an intense and arrogant look in his eye, as if looking down his beak at us, he dared us to deny his beauty, his grace, his supremacy.  Aptly named Disco, his plumage was a strobing splash of vibrant blue, green and orange.  He was breathtaking, and he knew it.
copyright © Lori Motokado all rights reserved 2014