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Artist Statement
  We live in a world shaped by consumerism and commodity fetishism founded on the ideology of planned obsolescence.  Society has embraced this modern business strategy where products are intentionally manufactured with a predetermined expiry date, are designed to fail, and, to rapidly become obsolete (breakable, unfashionable, replaceable, or unusable). If something breaks, we must replace it. When newer technology becomes available, we upgrade. We are indoctrinated to believe that to spend and discard is the norm, and it will solve our problems. 

  This show encourages us to pause, to reconsider this cycle of waste promoted by the slick marketing of manufacturers; it examines a series of everyday objects from an era where quality, usefulness, and thrift were valued. In contrast, these items were built to last - constructed with sturdy materials and with replaceable parts. Should they break, we are able to fix. Obsolescence occurred 'naturally' - and only, when an item was no longer functional, fixable, or useful. Albeit rusty, dented, and worn, the subjects of this show remain endearingly beautiful and enduringly usable.
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